is an EU-Brazil collaborative project aiming at the design and development of an ecosystem of a framework, platform and application of next generation trustworthy cloud services on top of an intercontinental hybrid and federated resource pool.
The initiative starts in 1st November 2017 and will last for 24 months, up to the end of October 2019.
ATMOSPHERE (Adaptive, Trustworthy, Manageable, Orchestrated, Secure Privacy-assuring Hybrid, Ecosystem for REsilient Cloud Computing)

ATMOSPHERE technology for... Find out what are the ATMOSPHERE technology benefits for you!


A real use-case scenario with high social impact on Patient Healthcare Data Protection in Europe & Brazil

Health Data Professionals

Health Data Professionals



To design and implement a Framework for Trustworthiness Assessment and Monitoring


Design and implement a heterogeneous federated resource infrastructure based on lightweight virtualization with microcontainers for the development of serverless applications


Design and implement a Distributed Data Management Trustworthy Layer


Design and implement a Data Processing Trustworthy Layer


Implement a use case to validate and demonstrate the ATMOSPHERE services


Towards business sustainability, disseminate and promote ATMOSPHERE results


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