The 3D simulation can be used with advantages for the accomplishment of courses in the area of Engineering and Technology. As an example of application, the training course in Mechanical Vibration Analysis developed by MDI will be demonstrated. This course is available on the YouinLAB platform and uses 3D computer simulation technology. An industrial scenario is simulated, with a hydraulic pump system driven by an electric motor. Six situations are simulated: normal state, pump bearing defect, motor motor bearing defect, imbalance, electric motor problem and cavitation. The aspects related to the development of the simulator and its integration in the platform will be addressed.


Relevance for Cloudscape Brazil 2018: 

Applying 3D computer simulation, such as that used in computer games, to training in the area of Engineering and Technology, is one of the main objectives of MDI. In courses in Engineering and
Technology, this approach lowers cost and increases the effectiveness of training. If the technology used is web-based, the universal character of these areas brings the possibility of serving customers worldwide.


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