The 5G-Range provides a solution for mobile broadband in remote areas to overcome the current limitations in range in 4G and 5G standards. The project aims to reduce the operational cost by exploiting TVWS in remote areas and increase the data rate at the cell edge and bring 5G services to rural and remote areas. The features of the project are robustness using MIMO diversity and Polar Codes, smartness with Cognitive Radio & Dynamic Spectrum, the coexistence with other technologies with Low Out-of-Band emissions and the flexibility to cover multiples scenarios. The solution uses a Software Defined Radio approach and exploits the advances proposed for 5G but tailored for the new scenario.



Relevance for Cloudscape Brazil 2018: 

5G for remote areas can provide smart agriculture and digital inclusion and be integrated with other technologies and applications


Priscila Solis - University of Brasilia