The video describes the step-by-step how to include the data and how these become a traceable system using blockchain.



Relevance for Cloudscape Brazil 2018: 

Amachains' goal is to develop a compliance tracking system with blockchain clouds, creating an ecosystem that facilitates the adoption of technology while adding value to the consumers and especially to small producers of family farming. The final consumer, when purchasing a product, will have access to its tracking until it reaches their hands, visualizing each stage of the process. The blockchain technology conveys to the end consumer reliability that all information entered into the system, following the proposed compliance project for the production chain, is immutable. For the family farmer, the system provides credibility and consequently valorization of their work and products. Due to our commitment to a sustainable economy, Amachains will provide this system free of charge to family farmers, duly registered as such


Billy Pinheiro - Amachains