ATMOSPHERE was presented at the 9th Iberian Grid Conference (IBERGRID 2018) from 11th to 12th October, in Lisbon (Portugal). Following the spirit of the IBERGRID series of conferences, the 2018 edition is a timely opportunity for networking and fostering cooperative projects at the Iberian level, with a focus on the upcoming European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), namely challenges and opportunities for the Iberian region. IBERGRID 2018 was run partially in parallel with “Digital Infrastructures for Research – DI4R” that took place from 9th to 11th of October

ATMOSPHERE project presented an abstract about the integration of the federated cloud platform with the Trustworthy monitoring and assessment platform, in order to provide isolation, stability and Quality of Service performance guarantees

The abstract, entitled "To Trust or Not To Trust, that is the question", demonstrates how the cloud platform enables the dynamic reconfiguration of resource allocation to applications running on federated networks on an intercontinental shared pool, while the trustworthiness monitoring and assessment platform provide quantitative scores regarding the trustworthiness of an application running on the ATMOSPHERE ecosystem. More info available on the full abstract.