ATMOSPHERE was presented at Forum RNP 2018 - Patrimonio Digital, Dados Abertos e tecnologias de memoria, from 28th till 29th August 2019, Brasilia (Brazil). The event gathers together ICT professionals and also the on the community from RNP institutions. Traditionally, the Forum welcoms IT directors of public administration bodies, Federal Universities and Institutes, as well as researchers and students in the area.

ATMOSPHERE was invited by RNP to showcase the projects goals and work at Forum RNP 2018 and in the RNP webinar “ICT Cooperation on Cloud Computing” (Cooperação TIC sobre computação em nuvem). 

During the recent “Forum RNP 2018 – Digital Heritage, Open Data and Memory Technologies” (Patrimônio digital, dados abertos e tecnologias de memória) ATMOSPHERE was invited to present its work and promote the importance of increasing trust in cloud computing.

In front of an audience of rectors, pro-rectors, directors of information and communication technology (ICT) universities, federal research institutes, as well as public managers, project coordinators and area suppliers, ATMOSPHERE was presented as a project that will provide a solution to assess trustworthiness of cloud applications dealing with data and support the development of more trustworthy cloud applications. 

ATMOSPHERE Brazilian Coordinator of and Federal University of Campina Grande Professor Francisco Brasileiro, at, had the opportunity to present the project details such as its main object, highlight the market problem and the solution that they provided with its stakeholders: cloud service providers, start-ups and SMEs, and users of sensitive data (e.g. health)