CloudNEXT (Cloud ComputiNg Experimental Testbed) is a testbed that aims to offer researchers baremetal resources as well as customized baremetal clusters (specifically Openstack clouds). It is under development by RNP (Brazil's NREN), University of São Paulo, Federal University of Campina Grande, with financial support from innovation agency FINEP (Contract/Agreement number 01.17.0004.00). The testbed is federated with FIBRE testbed (Brazil’s main Future Internet testbed), and uses OMF version 6 as its Control and Management Framework (CMF). This video shows how a researcher can allocate a small Cloud for experimenting and/or for teaching,specifically an all-in-one Devstack cloud.


Relevance for Cloudscape Brazil 2018: 

The goal of the testbed is to attend the cloud computing research community that need automated provisioning of baremetal resources and customized cloud software, such as when a new cloud computing orchestration software needs to be tested (scenario that usually demands exclusive access to the hardware). The testbed also includes 2 geographically dispersed sites in Brazil that allow tests with multi-site clouds over long distance. It is aligned with other testbed initiatives in Brazil, and should be further integrated in the aforementioned FIBRE testbed, so that in the future an experimenter can determine experiments composed of not only customized clouds, but also baremetal and VM nodes, openflow networks, wireless and IoT nodes.


Fernando Redigolo - University of Sao Paulo