SAVE THE DATE! Cloudscape Brazil 2018 will take place on 25th July, at Congresso da Sociedade Brasileira de Computação (CSBC), at Centro de Convenção, in Natal (Brazil).


Cloudscape Brazil history and legacy

Cloud computing is a key enabler for emerging technologies (e.g. Internet of Things and Data Science) while being a catalyst for economic growth and new business opportunities – creating new business models, accelerating innovation and changing the economics of industries. Cloud computing is no longer a misty concept just for techies but a solid technology for growth and stability in both Brazil and Europe. 
The Cloudscape series ( in Europe was launched back in 2009, mainly for the research community and with a view to driving the use of open standards as a key enabler and leveller. Today, this annual event in Brussels attracts a mixed audience from business, policy and research, keen to share insights and experiences on the fast-evolving cloud landscape. The ability to move with the times and facilitate international debate is a key factor for organising these annual workshops now on a sustainable basis.
The success of the Cloudscape series in Europe has been a key driver in organising a similar annual event in Brazil, started five years ago. A place where business people, public sector representatives and research scientists can connect with developers behind some of the most exciting developments in cloud technologies. A forum for showcasing success stories across multiple sectors and organisations. A strategic event on common priorities and shared strategies in Brazil and Europe to facilitate consensus on the actions that matter. Ultimately, a premier event for all of Latin America.
In the last editions, Cloudscape Brazil has attracted support from RNP, BR Ministries, SDOs and industry supporters (e.g. Philips and SAP), with key insights from 20+ position papers/event. Since its 3rd edition, Cloudscape Brazil is a confirmed partner of Congress of the Brazilian Computer Society (CSBS), with over 1400 participants.

ATMOSPHERE and Clouscape Brazil

ATMOSPHERE will organise the 5th (25th July 2018 - know more) and 6th annual Cloudscape Brazil events, to continue the legacy of ensuring a forum for future EU-BR cooperation and policy dialogue.

With a focus on compliance (e.g. EU-GDPR), Cloudscape Brazil 2018 and 2019 will extend its main topic beyond cloud to 5G and IT, in the light of the new EU-BR funded projects. The next editions will seek co-location with WCN (Workshop on Cloud Networks) academic event that was organized by the EUBrasilCloudForum project in 2016 and 2017 as a first step for setting up a new Special Committee (SC) within "Sociedade Brasileira de Comptuação" (SBC) on Cloud Computing, action that may enhance future research cooperation between Brazil and Europe.

The support of the ATMOSPHERE project for these two events may give more robustness for the creation of de SC in Cloud Computing until 2019. ATMOSPHERE will build on this success story with two annual events supporting continued EU-BR policy dialogue, extending it beyond cloud to 5G and IoT, in the light of the EU-BR MoUs (5G Infrastructure Association and Telebrasil - Projeto Brasil; AIOTI), signed at the Mobile World Congress 2017.

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