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In the age of online business and e-government services, the impact of a data breach can be huge and long lasting. All businesses and public entities are effected and most underestimate the risks they face.

With new EU laws coming into force such as the GDPR and NIS Directive, organisations need to act now and be fully equipped to withstand an attack and at the same time protect data. The EC and member states recognise the pressing need for more cyber security and privacy (CS&P) products and services for the European Digital Single Market to be truly trusted and secure.
With a plethora of Cybersecurity and Privacy research projects out there, the project is bridging gaps, encouraging clustering and taking R&I results nearer the market through three key outputs:

• The first EU R&I observatory offering a comprehensive and organic view of R&I initiatives, services and products emerging across the EU and Associated Countries.
• The EU Cybersecurity and privacy marketplace of R&I services to meet the needs of technology providers and actual end-users
• The SME end-user club which offers access to new CS&P services and training specifically for small businesses around Europe.


Relevance for Cloudscape Brazil 2018: 

NIS directive, GDPR and the EU Cybersecurity package, Brazilian organisations providing or wanting to provide digital services to a European market must comply or risk the consequences. provides access and information on the European landscape from an R&I perspective. At the same time, through the marketplace it offers access to cutting edge and often free cybersecurity and privacy results, services and products which are ready for testing or adoption.


Niccolò Zazzeri: Trust-IT Services