The ATMOSPHERE (Adaptive, Trustworthy, Manageable, Orchestrated, Secure, Privacy-assuring, Hybrid Ecosystem for REsilient Cloud Computing) is a European-Brazilian project funded by the European Commission and RNP and MCTIC. It aims to design and develop an ecosystem comprising a framework and platform enabling the implementation of next generation trustworthy cloud services on top of an intercontinental hybrid and federated resource pool.

Leveraging the experience gained in past international projects in cloud computing, ATMOSPHERE will furthermore focus on consolidating a sustainable international, European and Brazilian, ICT cooperation activity. By increasing trust in big data cloud computing applications, ATMOSPHERE will contribute to one of the forces influencing both the European and Brazilian economies.

The purpose of deliverable “D2.2: Users Community Engagement” is to describe the activities to promote the engagement between ATMOSPHERE and the potential stakeholders. This deliverable identifies the user communities and stakeholders and defines the actions to engage them, serving as a guide during the entire project lifetime to convey the right message and implement the actions for the communication and promotional campaigns. This will be done based on the partner networks and past EU and BR projects. Primary stakeholders are ICT start-ups and SMEs, OSS communities, critical infrastructures and IT vendors and public bodies. This deliverable is part of “WP2. Community Engagement, Communication & Impact” which supports the project goals through an effective communication and engagement approach, ensuring the wide promotion and high visibility around the innovation and benefits provided by the ATMOSPHERE to its stakeholders.

The user community engagement activity is built on topo of the results of a previous project, the EUBrazilCloudForum Project, which constructed the Marketplace ( that was transferred to ATMOSPHERE and will be extended. To maximize the outreach impact, this activity also identifies and promotes webinars and participation at external events with presentations, panel discussions, co-located workshops, side meetings, and exhibition stands/trade fairs, both in terms of raising awareness and disseminating project results, including standardization and SDO engagement, and creating an online showcase of all results.

In this activity, the project will work with a profiled database of stakeholders with at least 4,000 profiled contacts by the project end, helping achieve the strategic goal of building up the project’s community base and directly support WP8 go-to-market strategy. The community profiles will be available in terms of organizational types, disciplines, professional roles, open source advocates and country with an increasing attention on potential users/beneficiaries of the project exploitable assets. The community members and potential market leads will be recruited through event attendance, such as the annual Cloudscape Brazil (two editions during CSBC 2018 and CSBC 2019 in Brazil) plus a minimum of 5 active contributions to external, non-technical events/year and 10 technical/scientific events during the project.