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Federal University of Campina Grande and Technische Universität Dresden
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A combination of service for registering assets (code or data) and a platform that ensures that a distributed ledger registers all accesses.

Contact persons

  • Andrey Brito, Federal University of Campina Grande (Brazil)

Who shall use it?

Startups and SMEs that want to track the usage of intellectual property or sensitive datasets. Also users that want to follow and limit how their code or data is used, holding the capability of rolling back any authorization.

What’s its value add?

Suports accountability, provenance, transparency, and other trustworthiness properties. Enables features such as the "right to be forgotten".

What are the unique selling points?

By registering assets in the service and using the platform for processing, confidentiality and accountability can be enforced. As an imediate consequence, data transformation and use reports can be generated automatically.

Exploitation Paths

The exploitation and sustainability plan of the Data and Application Tracking asset is based on the increasing need to track the usage of personal identifiable data. Some results of the project have been used in presentations to prospective companies and used in submissions to follow up projects. As an example of a company the asset has been presented is VSOFT (from Brazil) which provides cloud-based solutions for multi-biometric identification. An example of a follow-up project is the submission to the Conecta Startup Brasil, a funding opportunity to take innovative ideas into enterprise environments.