The concept of multi-tenancy has become key to the evolution of the networks and cloud environments, enabling novel network slicing ideas on top of the existing telecom networks. While paradigms such as Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) have tremendously fostered this evolutionary view, these paradigms are not sufficient for network slicing. Especially for the former, there is a prevalent NFV-centric view in the state-of-the-art solutions which does not leverage a native integration of cloud computing and advanced networking. Overloading the NFV orchestration and management artefacts with slicing mechanisms without taking into account the cloud and the network perspective could lead to inefficient partitioning. This problem tends to become further exacerbated as new telecom services (5G services) are expected to be provisioned over multiple-technologies and spanning across multiple operators. The NECOS platform is designed to provide Cloud Network Slice as a service. Each of these slices is a set of computational and networking resources created with the purpose that customer users (tenants) can run one or several application services on top. The slicing in NECOS can be performed either at the resource level or the virtual infrastructure management level of each of the administrative domains contributing to a slice. This is achieved by leveraging four functional distinguished domains, namely the Tenant’s Domain (contains the functionality needed by the slice users to request the creation/teardown of slices), the Resource Domain (contains the physical and virtual resources that are parts of a given slice), the Resource Marketplace (the entity that will facilitate the resource discovery), and the Slice Provider (receives tenant’s requests for the creation of end-to-end slices, take care of the whole slice lifecycle and facilitate the deployment of the service components). In this demonstration, we showcase the creation of an E2E Cloud Network Slice between BR-EU using the NECOS platform.


Relevance for Cloudscape Brazil 2018: 

The high relevance of the NECOS' Demo to the 6th edition of Cloudscape Brazil stands by its H2020 4th EU-BR Collaborative Call (under the grant agreement no. 777067) support. Aside from that, the NECOS project brings significant contributions over the state of the art as elicitated in the following. The NECOS architecture slicing model distinguishes itself from others existing schemes whereby its entailing mechanisms interwork for partitioning the underlying infrastructure into constituent cloud slice parts connected by network slices and then combine all these parts into a full end-to-end network-cloud slice instance afforded as a service for multi-tenancy. Moreover, the new ideas that the NECOS foundation provides are on different aspects, including: (i) the definition of cloud-network slices; (ii) the composition of cloud-network slices into parts spread over different data centers and connected through network infrastructures, featuring highly isolation; (iii) the strategies on workflows for provisioning cloud-network within the existing systems; (iv) the schemes for managing the entire lifecycle of a cloud-network slice; and (v) how it is presented to the requester. The NECOS demonstration will foster the discussion of how the combination of the right abstractions, the proper layering, and a separation of concerns in cloud-network architectural designs will allow creating a powerful and flexible Slice as a Service mechanism.


Authors: B. Pinheiro, L. Silva, A.L. Beltrami, C. Cesila, D.B. Maciel, L.M. Contreras, F.Aguirre, F. Tusa

Affiliations: UFPA, UFG, UNICAMP, UFSCAR, UFRN, Telefónica Investigación y Desarrollo, UPC, UCL