Trustworthiness in data analytics and cloud services comprises a broad range of properties. Dimensions such as Security, Privacy protection, Quality of Services, Reliability, and Fairness impose tackling a set of challenges at different layers.
ATMOSPHERE (Adaptive, Trustworthy, Manageable, Orchestrated, Secure Privacy-assuring Hybrid, Ecosystem for REsilient Cloud Computing - is a European-Brazilian collaboration aiming at measuring and improving the different trustworthiness dimensions of data analytics applications running on the cloud.
ATMOSPHERE has designed a software architecture to provide performance simulation, Dynamic Quality of Service adaptation, vulnerability assessment, privacy leakage risk estimation and model neutrality evaluation on top of a federated cloud infrastructure. The platform supports composing data analytics workflows, defining QoS and privacy restrictions (such as using enclaves), ethical targets (for evaluating potential discrimination bias of models) and executing such workflows on top of a self-managed cloud platform.

In this demo, we will show the deployment of a self-managed Kubernetes cluster on top of a federated cloud offering managed by fogbow.


Relevance for Cloudscape Brazil 2018: 

It shows a Europe-Brazil collaboration in the federation of international resources and how to use them conveniently.


Ignacio Blanquer - Universitat Politècnica de València