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ATMOSPHERE project published five use-cases on trustworthy cloud applications, demonstrating how ATMOSPHERE results are supporting cloud adoption and bring innovation with positive impact into businesses and citizens’ life.

Trustworthy as a enable of cloud adoption

Cloud Computing can be said as the way to make resources accessible by the end-users anytime, anywhere and from any platform. Cloud Computing is clearly an alternative to a dedicated IT infrastructure which is emerging as a new and active field for research.

However, security issues, such as lack of trust, are major issues that hinders the adoption and growth of cloud computing usage. Trust is built based on guarantees, previous successful experiences, transparency and accountability. Yet, to-date, the technologies and frameworks necessary to raise confidence on cloud and Big Data applications is still lacking. Data owners are reluctant to trust cloud computing due to the fear of losing their sensitive data and lack of transparency on the mechanisms used by Cloud Service Providers to secure their data and applications.

It is crucial to create this confidence to encourage different business sectors to take up this technology and ultimately improve business efficiency and competitiveness. This is when ATMOSPHERE project comes into play.

Understand how ATMOSPHERE makes cloud-based services trustworthy

ATMOSPHERE (Adaptive, Trushtworthy, Manageable, Orchestrated, Secure Privacy-assuring Hybrid, Ecosystem for REsilient Cloud Computing) is an EU-Brazil collaborative project that will provide a solution to assess trustworthiness of cloud applications dealing with data and support the development of more trustworthy cloud applications. But how ATMOSPHERE results can contribute to both business and society?

ATMOSPHERE use-cases are the best way to be aware of how the project is increasing trustworthiness levels on cloud and what impact can have in a real-case scenario. Five use-cases demonstrate how ATMOSPHERE’s technologies help cloud-based services to become more trustworthy & bring innovation to the market:

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