Name and Surname: 
Symone Gomes Soares Alcalá
Federal University of Goiás
Poster title: 
FASTEN - Flexible and Autonomous Manufacturing Systems for Custom-Designed Products
FASTEN project is an outcome of the Work Programme 2016-2017 of Horizon, considering the Information and Communication segment.
Relevance for Cloudscape Brazil 2018: 
In line with the Industry 4.0 new paradigm and the EU-Brazil collaboration program, the FASTEN project “vision” is to be a key enabler of the full adoption of IoT technologies in digital manufacturing businesses, engaging end-users, and demonstrating such technologies on both sides of the Atlantic. This ambitious target will be achieved by defining common goals for Europe and Brazil, and through the development of the “FASTEN framework” on top of available standards, hardware, and open-source software. This framework will then be used to develop robust solutions for delivering custom-design products in a large scale, at very competitive unitary costs. The FASTEN “mission” is to develop, demonstrate, validate, and disseminate an integrated and modular framework for efficiently producing highly customized products. More specifically, the FASTEN project will develop an open and standardized framework to produce and deliver tailor-designed products, and that is capable to run autonomously, and deliver fast and low cost additive manufactured products. The demonstration of the technologies will be performed in two pilot cases: one of them specified by ThyssenKrupp (TSK) in Brazil and the other by Embraer Portugal (EMBPT), in Portugal. The Cloudscape Brazil 2018 is an excellent opportunity to share the FASTEN contributions to the scientific community and the society.