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Commercial Name: 
Fogbow FNS
Politecnico di Milano (Italy) and Federal University of Campina Grande (Brazil)

This microservice is part of the Fogbow ecosystem of microservices. It provides the ability to create private networks spanning multiple cloud providers. It also allows the creation of virtual machines that can be attached to the federated networks created by the service.

    Who shall use?

    Distributed application developers and managers, and system administrators of distributed data centres.

    What’s its value add?

    Trouble-free communication of virtual machines deployed in different private cloud providers.

    What are the unique selling points?

    Facilitates the deployment of applications that run on virtual machines that run at different providers. Using a federated network, these VMs will be connected in a seamless way, without the need of any intervention from site administrators to setup VPNs across cloud providers.

    Contact persons

    • Antonio Capone, Politecnico di Milano (Italy),
    • Reinaldo Gomes and Francisco Brasileiro, Federal University of Campina Grande (Brazil)


    Exploitation Paths

    • ATMOSPHERE is federating multiple cloud offers that RNP makes available through its computing marketplace, called Nasnuvens. The integration with the very diverse multicloud backend made available by the "Nasnuvens" platform is facilitated by the use of the Fogbow middleware, including the benefits of the enhancements developed. Fogbow may have an important impact on the reduction of the time-to-market of RNP services, by obviating the complexity related to the management of the complex multicloud infrastructure where the services will execute, and allowing service providers to concentrate on their core business.
    • Partnership with RNP for the Iguassu Service, to manage the execution of scientific workloads on cloud infrastructures. Users of RNP's client institutions can use Fogbow to create computing nodes in any of the clouds that belong to RNP's Commune Federation of Cloud Providers, in the context of the CloudLab project. These can later be registered as a user private backend for the Iguassu service. Iguassu will serve the needs of researchers from RNP's client institutions that need to execute this kind of workload on top of the cloud offerings made available in the Nasnuvens platform. The most concrete outcome of the partnership with RNP is the Iguassu service for the management of the Iguassu is about to be released in beta for a selected set of RNP's clients, before being broadly released. This effort is being partially supported by a project that is coordinated by UFCG, with the participation of RNP, and funded by FAPESP. This project will secure the appropriate funding until January 2023.

    • The “Advanced Federated Network Component”, from Fogbow, provides numerous improvements to the collector used for P4 In-Network-Telemetry. The new collector is available to the community and is promoted at relevant events. The P4 language, (“Programming Protocol-independent Packet Processors”), it is a non-profit organization formed by a group of engineers and researchers from Google, Intel, Microsoft Research, Barefoot Networks, Princeton and Stanford. They required an industry-standard open programming language, so they developed P4, which is easy to learn and can be used to precisely define how packets are being forwarded within the network infrastructure.

    • The “Advanced Federated Network Component”, from Fogbow, is available to the ONOS open source community and is promoted at relevant events. This component provides a number of extensions and improvements to the ONOS Intent Monitoring and Rerouting module

    • The EOSC-SYNERGY is a European project aiming at expanding the capacity and capabilities of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) by leveraging the experience, effort and resources of national publicly-funded digital infrastructures. EOSC-SYNERGY will foster the use of EOSC services (including ATMOSPHERE services) for the improvement of the capacity and capability of 10 thematic services for data science, 7 of them already in production. Moreover, one of the thematic services is led by Federal University of Campina Grande and relies on the use of Fogbow as the backend for the processing of climate indicators related to the vegetation.