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Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain)
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Orchestration and DevOps service for deployment of complex application topologies described in TOSCA.

Contact persons

Who shall use it?

Cloud application developers, contributing to descriptions of applications. Users instantiating the descriptions on the infrastructure. Cloud system managers, PaaS developers.

What’s its value add?

Development of data processing services and integration in cloud-enabled applications. It allows the implementation of trustworthy processing services in hybrid and federated cloud infrastructures, as well as a development library with primitives/assets for developers.

What are the unique selling points?

Enhancing Infrastructure Manager as a key, sustainable UPV asset exploitable in research and commercial collaborations.


Exploitation Paths

  • The PRIMAGE project is devoted to developing methods of computational analysis of medical images applied to childhood cancer. PRIMAGE proposes a cloud-based platform to support decision making in the clinical management of malignant solid tumors, offering predictive tools to assist diagnosis, prognosis, therapies choice and treatment follow-up, based on the use of novel imaging biomarkers, in-silico tumor growth simulation, advanced visualization of predictions with weighted confidence scores and machine-learning based translation of this knowledge into predictors for the most relevant, disease-specific, Clinical End Points. At the end of ATMOSPHERE project, PRIMAGE has adopted IM-TOSCA/EC3. 

  • Along with the integration in EGI Cloud Compute, an early release of IM-TOSCA was part of the INDIGO-DC official software catalogue and extended applications for the development of recipes are being developed in the frame of project DEEP.

  • Consultancy services for extending the support to other back-ends or extended functionality. This has been the case of the collaborations with INDRA, where IM-TOSCA was extended to support WMWARE as back-end.

  • The EGI foundation requested the development of elastic Kubernetes as a service within the EGI Federated Cloud. Plus, EC3 is being used in the EGI Applications on Demand service to create virtual elastic clusters on the EGI Federation as part of the EOSC-Hub project, bringing together multiple service providers to create a single contact point for European researchers and innovators to discover, access, use and reuse a broad spectrum of resources for advanced data-driven research. Both assets are also part of the EKaaS Elastic Kubernetes as a Service in EGI Federated Cloud project co-funded by the EGI Strategic and Innovation Fund.

  • IM-TOSCA/EC3 has been exposed as a service in the EOSC marketplace portal, which will increase its visibility and exploitation opportunities. Regarding IM-TOSCA, it is presented as Infrastructure Manager (IM), an open-source service that deploys complex and customized virtual infrastructures on multiple back-ends. The IM automates the deployment, configuration, software installation, monitoring and update of virtual infrastructures. It supports a wide variety of public and on-premises Cloud back-ends, thus making user applications Cloud agnostic. In addition, it features DevOps capabilities, based on Ansible to enable the installation and configuration of all the user required applications providing the user with a fully functional infrastructure.