Mr. James Clarke has been working for the Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) in the Telecommunications Software and Systems Group (TSSG), since February 2005. Prior to joining WIT-TSSG, Mr. Clarke worked at LAKE Communications in Ireland for eight years and Grumman Corporation in the United States for eight years.

Since October, 2017, Mr. Clarke has been the project coordinator of a European Horizon 2020 Program  Co-ordination and Support action (CSA) entitled, which is one of the pathfinder projects funded under the H2020 programme entitled ICT-41-2017: Next Generation Internet (NGI), which is designed to get the public more involved and central to its work in building an NGI Flagship initiative for the successor of H2020, which is expected to run to 2027.

Since 2014, Mr. Clarke has coordinated the EU – India FI-MEDIA project, a cluster to cluster (C2C) partnership building project funded by the Delegation of the European Union to India. C2C partnerships have been facilitated in a number of areas of mutual interest between Indian and EU researchers and innovators, including Smart Villages, Bringing FIWARE to the India context, Internet of Things, and ICT standards.

Prior to this, Mr. Clarke coordinated the Framework Programme 7 project entitled ‘BIC’, which stands for Building International Cooperation for Trustworthy ICT: Security, Privacy and Trust in Global Networks & Services. BIC will engage the European Union trust and program management (funding organizations) and research communities with associated peers located internationally in India, Brazil and South Africa. If successful, this will enable greater collaboration amongst research communities in security, privacy and trust and will reflect what has already been established in the US, Australia, Japan, Korea and Canada in the recently concluded INCO-Trust project that Mr. Clarke also coordinated from 2008 – 2010.

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