Full Professor in Software Engineering and Director of the Institute of Mathematical and Computer Sciences (ICMC-USP, 2010-2014). He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of São Paulo (1978), a Master's degree in Space Engineering and Technology from the National Institute of Space Research (1983) and a PhD in Electrical Engineering - Computing and Automation from the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) (1991).

Deputy Director of ICMC-USP (2007-2010). President of the Brazilian Computer Society SBC (2007-2009; 2009-2011); was SBC Director of Education (97-99), SBC Board Member (1999-2003, 2011-2015), Vice President of SBC (2003-2005, 2005-2007). President of SBC 2007-2011. Member of the CA-CC / CNPq (2006-2009); Assistant to the Computing Department of CAPES (2004-2007, 2007-2010). Member of the Area Coordination of FAPESP (2006-2013). Coordinator of the IEA ICT Group Institute of Advanced Studies / USP-São Carlos. Member of the research network - International Software Engineering Research Network (ISERN, until 2010). Member of the Permanent Evaluation Commission of USP. He has experience in the area of ​​Computer Science, with emphasis on Software Engineering, working mainly on the following topics: software testing, software engineering education, experimental software engineering, critical embedded systems, and teaching environments and methods.

He has published more than 60 articles in periodicals and more than a hundred refereed complete articles, plus three books and more than a dozen book chapters. He coordinated and participated in dozens of research projects funded by research agencies. Coordinated the National Institute of Science and Technology in Critical Embedded Systems (INCT-SEC), funded by CNPq / Fapesp. Participates in International Periodical Editorial Committees and has already coordinated / participated in more than one hundred Scientific Event Program Committees. He received several awards and honors, including: Scientific Merit Award 2017 from SBC - Brazilian Computer Society, Commendation of Scientific Merit 2008, Jabuti Award 2008 for Exact Sciences, Science and Technology (third place); Highlight Academic 2007 given by ABDI - Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development; and IV National Informatics Award 1991, conferred by SEI, MODDATA S / A, Roberto Marinho Foundation.

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