Doctor, (EPM - UNIFESP), data processing technologist (FATEC-SP), PhD and Master in electrical engineering (EPUSP). She is a researcher at IBM Research Brazil, a professor at FATEC-SP and manages in the IPT master's program. She is the São Paulo Leste Regional Secretary of the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC), member of the managing committee of the Special Commission for Applied Computing to Health of SBC, member of the extended board of the Brazilian Society of Informatics in Health (SBIS), member of the Interoperability Group of the Commission for Special Study on Health Informatics of ABNT. Minister lectures at research institutes, colleges, companies and various events.

She was the Coordinator of the Special Committee on Applied Computing to Health of SBC, Member of the Board of SBIS, coordinator of the Laboratory of Research in Service Sciences of the Center Paula Souza, scientific advisor of Integra Medical and computer science in health in the Information Department of SES- SP. He was Business Analyst at Roche - Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries. She was coordinator of the Bachelor's degree in Information Systems at FIAP.

She was consultant in Software Engineering mainly in adapting processes of software development and quality of software in several companies. He has experience in the area of ​​Computer Science and Medical Informatics, working mainly in the following subjects: Population Management Programs, Artificial Intelligence applied to Health, Clinical Epidemiology & Data Science, Patient Engagement and Adherence, Intelligent Conversational Systems and Knowledge Extraction Knowledge Engineering).

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