Dr. Serrano is a recognized Research Data Scientist with more than 15 years experience in industry and applied research within a wide range of successful European (FP5-FP7/H2020) collaborative software projects, Irish National Projects (HEA PRTLI, SFI) and also Enterprise Ireland (EI) innovation projects. Dr. Serrano is a recognized IoT expert1 on Semantic Interoperability and Distributed Data Systems, an end-to-end Solutions Architect with a strong background on applied semantic and systems interoperability, Smart Technology, Services and Network Management and Communications Management Systems.

Dr. Serrano is a continuous contributor to the Scientific, Research and Innovation agenda for Europe. He is also actively investigating, Semantic-based Cloud Infrastructures and Big Data Management. Data Bases Stream Processing, BIG Data Analytic Services, Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) Control, Privacy and Security aspects for IoT, Sensor Networks, Body networks and their deployment in cloud computing environments.

Dr. Serrano is the coordinator of the FIESTA-IoT project (www.fiesta-iot.eu), the Data Management, IPR & Analytics Manager and leader on research activities in the EU H2020 ActivAge Large Scale Project (www.activageproject.eu), Dr. Serrano has extensive experience on Smart City and health-related projects 2 in the past he was involved in a HEA Irish-based project called HEA-futurecomms (http://futurecomm.tssg.org) where he was investigating methodologies and algorithms for the optimal use of IT technologies (i.e. cloud systems and analytic systems) for remote health monitoring.

Dr. Serrano has a leading role at the European Research Cluster for the Internet of Things (IoT) and he is board member at the Connected Smart Cities Network. He is an active member of IEEE (Computer and Communication Societies) and ACM with more than 100 pair reviewed publications and He is the author of 4 academic books in related areas.

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