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FarmCloud enables real-time data centralization of various manufacturer's controllers contributing to the evolution of IoT (Internet of Things) and Big Data analysis in the Agribusiness Market.
FarmCloud developed a solution that is disruptive compared to existing ones because:

  • • Our core is the software and a central platform, that allows real-time monitoring and control, with real-time alarms and the ability to change controllers’ set points in one single command;
  • • We use GSM data communication;
  • • Our technology allows for “agnostic” communication with different languages and protocols;
  • • Our technology has distributed Intelligence that can equalize information at the FarmConnector level, filtering all data to the FarmCloud Platform, allowing for a clean and efficient database process, archive and treatment of data. EDGE COMPUTING.
  • • We are not hardware dependent, we can have our technology embedded in other hardware.

The digitalization movement is undeniable and unstoppable! In fact, all major players in this market are investing massively and even changing their business paradigms to meet this new reality.
FarmCloud works every day to enable this movement. We aim to be present in every livestock production room.



Relevance for Cloudscape Brazil 2018: 

IoT edge technology aimed for the animal production optimization, with impact in all the livestock value chain.


Miguel Matos - FarmCloud