Comercial Name: 
Politecnico di Milano (Italy) and Federal University of Campina Grande (Brazil)

This microservice is part of the Fogbow ecosystem of microservices. It provides the ability to create private networks spanning multiple cloud providers. It also allows the creation of virtual machines that can be attached to the federated networks created by the service.

Contact persons

  • Antonio Capone, Politecnico di Milano (Italy),
  • Reinaldo Gomes and Francisco Brasileiro, Federal University of Campina Grande (Brazil)

Who shall use it?

Distributed application developers and managers, and system administrators of distributed data centres.

What’s its value add?

Trouble-free communication of virtual machines deployed in different private cloud providers.

What are the unique selling points?

Facilitates the deployment of applications that run on virtual machines that run at different providers. Using a federated network, these VMs will be connected in a seamless way, without the need of any intervention from site administrators to setup VPNs across cloud providers.

Exploitation Drivers

Mechanism for trustworthy cloud inter-site routes according to virtual network requirements.

Download & Resources

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    More info soon