TMA (Trustworthiness and Monitoring Assessment) Platform allows self-adaptation on cloud applications through trustworthiness quality models and scores. The demo presented in this video shows a simple web application that is deployed in a Kubernetes cluster. When the received load increases, TMA dispatches an adaptation plan when the trustworthiness scores continuously monitored are outside the expected boundaries. The scores are calculated based on the information provided by probes, and the adaptation plan is executed through actuators. Both probes and actuators are provided by the cloud application.



Relevance for Cloudscape Brazil 2018: 

TMA Platform allows self-adaptation in cloud applications through the evaluation of trustworthiness scores based on any trustworthiness attributes (such as security, privacy, coherence, isolation, stability, fairness, transparency, and dependability). Hence, any cloud application provider who wants to customize self-adaptation can use TMA Platform.


Marco Vieira - DEI/CISUC - University of Coimbra