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RHD screening AI tool
Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil) and QUIBIM (Spain)
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Trustworthy Medical Imaging Processing service in the cloud & Post-processing pipelines

Contact persons

  • Antonio Ribeiro, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • George Teodoro, University of Brasilia, Brazil
  • Angel Enrich, QUIBIM, Spain

Who shall use it?

Telehealth professionals, cloud service providers and decision makers in local and national digital health programmes/healthcare systems.

What’s its value add?

To support computing the score of trustworthiness of resources, services, components or applications based on the relevant trustworthiness properties and their metrics. Testing of application in the real world and get the feedback from the user.

What are the unique selling points?

Process medical images with the ability to evaluate trustworthiness in performance, privacy, availability, robustness and dependability.

Exploitation Paths

  • The Brazilian initiative PROVAR (Programa de Rastreamento da VAlvopatia Reumatica) is using the tool as well. This database was composed by 5600 echocardiography studies (5330 labeled as normal; 238 as borderline RHD; 32 as definite RHD). The RHD screening AI tool has shown potential to help physicians in the diagnosis of RHD by performing an initial screening of cases, thus reducing the workload and improving the time-efficiency of health personnel while enhancing patient outcomes.

  • QUIBIM will use the cloud orchestration services of ATMOSPHERE to deploy a processing backend in the cloud, adopting this technology for their enterprise products. Amongst its clients, there are international public hospitals and diagnostics centres. The exploitation plan during the next 3 years consists of the inclusion of the RHD tool in the QUIBIM analysis suite. The product can be purchased by obtaining an annual license (Hospitals, clinical centres, research institutions, etc) in which an unlimited number of analysis could be performed or by a pay per analysis model in which a standard price/analysis is fixed and a monthly fee is charged. After the first year the 20% maintenance is charged to the client.

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