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Authors: Tania Basso and Regina Moraes (University of Campinas), Nuno Antunes and Marco Vieira (University of Coimbra)

Frequently users have to provide personal information for being able to use web applications and services. They are commonly confronted with a privacy policy that they must accept, implicitly trusting the provider organization to protect their privacy. The recent trend to develop frameworks for privacy policy definition has moved the state-of-the-art forward, but did not solve the main problems: allow users to express their privacy requirements and assure that these requirements will be enforced. This paper discusses the main challenges towards the development of privacy-aware web...

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Authors: Tania Basso, Roberta Matsunaga, Regina Moraes, Nuno Antunes


This paper provides an overview of the tools and methodologies for data privacy protection that can cope with the challenges raised by the Big Data storage and analytics processing, with focus on anonymity. Preserving individual privacy is one of the major issues in the context of Big Data, as while handling huge volumes of data, it is possible that sensitive or personally identifiable information ends up disclosed. In fact, even when dealing with anonymized raw data, sensitive information may be extracted through analytics. Preserving anonymity is...

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