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Lemonade - Live Exploration and Mining of a Non-trivial Amount of Data from Everywhere

Professionals outside of the area of Computer Science have an increasing need to analyze large bodies of data. This analysis often demands high level of security and has to be done in the cloud. However, current data analysis tools that demand little proficiency in systems programming struggle to deliver solutions which are scalable and safe. In this context we present Lemonade, a platform which focuses on creating data analysis and mining flows in the cloud, with authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) guarantees.

Fog/Cloud Interplay Experimentation using FUTEBOL Testbeds

Resource-constrained devices of the Internet of Things (IoT) can have their capabilities extended by relying on cloud/fog computing. The cloud and fog enable simple devices to execute more sophisticated services, such as machine learning algorithms, and sound/image recognition by remotely processing computational workloads. End-to-end network latency inserted to transport data of IoT applications all the way from the wireless edge, thought a wired (usually optical) backhaul into the cloud/fog, must be considered as part of the design of IoT systems.

5G-Range Project

This demo describes the 5G-Range Project and the last advances that the project made in the different workpackages, specially Physical and MAC Layer. Ecosystem - Sharing practical solutions to shape the global cybersecurity landscape

In the age of online business and e-government services, the impact of a data breach can be huge and long lasting. All businesses and public entities are effected and most underestimate the risks they face.

Smart City Traffic Galway: Noise and Light Pollution IoT Enabled

Galway Smart City Traffic – Noise and Light Pollution IoT-Enabled, is a live demonstration / protoype implementation to a real problem that affects not only the city of Galway in the republic of Ireland in Europe but many cities in the world. In this demonstrator the Galway Smart City traffic prototype is introduced an the interconnected and intelligent dashboard for visualising secure city traffic services showcased.

Running an experiment with computing and networking resources in the newer version of FIBRE cloud infrastructure

The FIBRE testbed is a research facility constructed in the scope of a project funded by the 2010 Brazil-EU Coordinated Call in ICT. The project ended in October 2014. However, in 2015 the Brazilian member institutions, led by the National Research and Education Network (RNP), took over FIBRE’s legacy infrastructure to offer the testbed as a service. Currently the testbed is composed by a federation of resource centers (a.k.a. experiment islands) spread over 16 institutions in Brazil. As of today (July 2018) the testbed hosts 413 users from 56 different organizations.

Federating clouds using Fogbow

Federation of private cloud providers has been promoted as a way to increase the efficiency of the federated providers mainly because: i) they may require less aggregated capacity to jointly serve their aggregated workloads; ii) they can take advantage of a geographically distributed set of providers to serve geo-sensitive workloads and provide tolerance to site failures; and, iii) they may rely on fellow members to provide access to specialized hardware or services, that are rarely used locally.

FASTEN - Flexible and Autonomous Manufacturing Systems for Custom-Designed Products

Flexible and Autonomous Manufacturing Systems for Custom-Designed Products (FASTEN) project is an outcome of the Work Programme 2016-2017 of Horizon 2020, considering the segment of Information and Communication Technologies. The FASTEN mission is to develop, demonstrate, validate, and disseminate an integrated and modular framework for efficiently producing custom-designed products. Hence, FASTEN will demonstrate an open and standardized framework to produce and deliver tailored-designed products, capable to run autonomously and deliver fast and low-cost additive manufactured products.

An elastic Kubernetes on a federated cloud

Trustworthiness in data analytics and cloud services comprises a broad range of properties. Dimensions such as Security, Privacy protection, Quality of Services, Reliability, and Fairness impose tackling a set of challenges at different layers.

Multiple Farm Controllers. Single Cloud Platform

FarmCloud enables real-time data centralization of various manufacturer's controllers contributing to the evolution of IoT (Internet of Things) and Big Data analysis in the Agribusiness Market.
FarmCloud developed a solution that is disruptive compared to existing ones because:

Smart POI: Smart cities open platform based on FIWARE for trustable cross-domain data integration and innovative decision making

HOP Ubiquitous is a Gold Member of FIWARE Foundation and an innovation company focused on Open Standards, Open Sources and Security-by design solutions; thereby creating the baseline for trustable, reliable and extensible ecosystems that enable a competitive economy based on cooperation and partnerships.

SWAMP: An IoT-based Smart Water Management Platform

Irrigation for agriculture is the biggest consumer of freshwater in the world, which makes a case for the intensive use of technology to optimize the use of water, reduce the consumption of energy and improve the quality of crops. While the Internet of Things (IoT) and other associated technologies are the natural choice for smart water management applications, their appropriateness is still to be proven in real settings with the deployment of on-site pilots.

[demo] Altitude Xperience - Pay Small, Experience Big

A complete Solution adapted to your needs! Altitude Xperience is a flexible contact center solution with features and service plans fit for customer-centric businesses aiming for growth. The Altitude Xperience advanced functionality, high scalability, setup simplicity and flexible subscription plans, enable accelerated business impact. Companies immediately benefit from using enterprise-class tools and features in a flexible, secure and scalable cloud environment.