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HOP Ubiquitous is a Gold Member of FIWARE Foundation and an innovation company focused on Open Standards, Open Sources and Security-by design solutions; thereby creating the baseline for trustable, reliable and extensible ecosystems that enable a competitive economy based on cooperation and partnerships. Smart POI is our cloud-based Smart Cities solution based on FIWARE Open Source initiative, which has been integrated by more than 100 cities worldwide (including Brazil) and that enables an ecosystem for integration, trustable development and certifications such as the Connecting Europe Facility validations to deploy solutions in public institutions such as governments, world bank integrated projects, etc.

In particular, Smart POI solution provides the different sensors, data sources, cloud platform and tools to provide the basis for Smart Cities transformation. Smart POI provides insights and actions through an intuitive, mobile-compatible and Web-based Dashboard ( This dashboard aims to reduce all the complexity from big cities into visual, powerful and intuitive Dashboards for Smart City projects, which integrate all the potential for the Decision Support and metrics / indicators. These metrics provide the knowledge baseline and awareness to develop strategic plans towards more sustainable, respectful and integrated tourism; including transversal actions in mobility, urbanism, entertainment, public health / wellness and safety.

In addition it is extended with specific charting for informed decision making via an analysis and cross-domain data integration driven by Context using Open Standards such as ETSI ISG Context Information Management - ETSI CIM ( - user:  /  password: demo2018).
In details, Smart POI provides a modular and scalable platform based on Open Standards and Open Source initiatives, which can be easily extended and integrated with existing and coming components. For this purpose the objectives from Smart POI have been the support of Standards for Smart Cities, on the one hand, ETSI for data models and context information management, and on the other hand, FIWARE which is a cloud platform supported by over 100 cities as part of the Open and Agile Smart Cities (OASC).

This cloud computing solution offers a full lifecycle that covers from the sensors integration (considering also legacy and existing solutions deployed as part of the infrastructure in a city) to the final exploitation of the data through the City Dashboard, Complex Event Processing, analytics and Business Process Management; thereby enabling an end-to-end support from sensing/monitoring to control/action. For this purpose, the glue and interconnection will be offered by FIWARE interlayers for interfacing different technologies and offer homogenous data access through Open Standards for the APIs and Open data models.

Support and innovation to the major actions around Open APIs and Open Data Models with an example of coordination and orchestration, in collaboration with other companies and institutions, in order to make it a real Internet of Things-driven solution for the Smart Cities market.
Trustability and reliability are key requirements to offer a Human oriented solution, where privacy is considered from the beginning (privacy-by design) and in all the processes, usability and facilitate the exploitation of the data via dashboards, Open Data and APIs. For that reason, the platform will showcase how we are addressing trustability for data exchange between cities (based on the Synchronicity EU project - ) and how we are addressing GDPR.

This demonstrator include a sensor including environmental monitoring (air quality / pollution), temperature, humidity, noise, particle matters and other ambient metrics) to social metrics such as users engagement (crowd monitoring via WiFi, users interaction via WiFi captive portal, Bluetooth Low Energy beacons - NearBy, and interactive Web Apps).

The data collected from this sensor is integrated via FIWARE using OMA LwM2M protocol to finally exploit the data via dashboards and tools as described.



HOP Ubiquitous ecosystem to create Smart Cities from HOP Ubiquitous on Vimeo.

Relevance for Cloudscape Brazil 2018: 

Smart POI is presenting a solution based on FIWARE; which is the major cloud computing initiative from the European Commission, this ecosystem is being used worldwide beyond Europe in countries such as Mexico, Uruguay, India and also starting to take an initial visibility in Brazil. therefore, its dissemination in this event is very relevant.

Smart POI solution is addressing Smart Cities market. This market is focused on cooperation, partnership and the creation of ecosystems. Therefore, it will facilitate the participation in Cloudscape a great opportunity to exchange experiences, share opportunities and find joint actions between Europe and Brazil. Thereby, stimulating innovation in common business sectors such as tourism, smart cities and environmental-friendly solutions for a data economy enabled by cloud computing services.

Finally, regarding the main topic of the event this year focused on “Trusted Technologies for strong and competitive economies”, FIWARE is an excellent example about how GDPR is being addressed at the same time that sharing data among cities and making privacy-aware to the users and data owners. A demonstrator with key considerations of privacy and trust data integration will be presented.


Antonio Jara - HOP Ubiquitous