Trust-IT Services is a UK firm specialised in research and high-tech communication in the field of information and communication technologies and in developing innovative web and mobile applications across Europe and globally. Founded in 2002, Trust-IT’s central asset is a highly-skilled, dynamic, international team that performs quality ICT market research, pragmatic and effective stakeholder engagement plans, and designs & implements tailor-made software applications.

In the past 14 years, Trust-IT has grown into a result-oriented SME with specific expertise in supporting impact creation from ICT innovative initiatives and has achieved considerable and evidence-supported success working closely with small and large enterprises, government and research institutions as well as cross-disciplinary research communities. Trust-IT is committed to drive forward new ideas, pinpoint market opportunities, create multi-stakeholder partnerships and build international networks and consolidate communities. 

Backed up by a network of international experts, Trust-IT partners with some of the movers and shakers in key ICT areas, and has long-lasting collaborations with the major ICT standards groups. Trust-IT has also experience in analysing the sustainability potential of complex ICT systems, typically requiring innovative business models, digital community development and joint exploitation plans. Trust-IT is a partner in several key projects funded under H2020 which focus on data infrastructures, research data services, data security, cloud computing, service level agreements and privacy. 


Trust-IT plays a central part in leading the Community Engagement, Communication & Impact activities. Trust-IT’s portfolio includes designing and implementing online marketing communication plans, social media campaigns, mobile apps for research and industrial communities, SEO and copywriting as well as layout and content solutions for advanced web platforms, leveraging its vast experiences in projects such as EUBrazilCloudConnect, EUBrazil OpenBio, EUBra-BIGSEA and EUBrasilCloudFORUM. Trust-IT also supports the Long term Co-operation, Sustainability and Commercial Impact activities, leveraging its analytical skills and in-depth knowledge of cloud computing market.