The State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) was officially founded on October 5, 1966, when the cornerstone was laid. Even compared with other Brazilian universities, the oldest of which was established 70 years ago, Unicamp can be considered a young institution and one that has already developed a strong tradition in education, research and services to society. It was created based on an idea that included all of its present structure. UNICAMP is one of the strongest Brazilian universities in research and patent deposit.

The Software Engineering & Fault Tolerance group participated in tens of projects funded by Brazilian science agencies (e.g., CAPES, CNPQ). Furthermore, the group participated in various cooperation projects with the EU, such as the Plavis (2004) project that involved various research institutions from Brazil and France. More recently, UNICAMP was involved in another cooperation project with France, RobustWeb (2009-2012), whose aim was the design and validation of robust web services and their composition.

The group also has been collaborating with the University of Coimbra, Portugal, for many years, with projects such as "Benchmarking da Confiança no Funcionamento de Componentes de Software" (2006) and, the Revvis project (2008), that involved various Iberoamerican institutions. More recently, UNICAMP was also involved with the Menon@WS project (2011-2012).

Besides France and Portugal, the group has also collaborated with the University of Valencia, Spain. Currently, the group participates on DEVASSES (PIRSES-GA-2013-612569) project, coordinated by the University of Coimbra. The group is deeply involved in the organization of several editions of LADC (Latin American Symposium on Dependable Computing). The group also organized two IFIP WG10.4 meetings in Brazil (2001, 2008).


UNICAMP will coordinate the development of a framework on Trustworthiness Monitoring and Assessment from Brazilian side, addressing the trustworthiness metrics and monitoring platform, as well as analysis and regulations in the context of trust. Additionally, UNICAMP leads tasks related to measuring trustworthiness, measuring the trustworthiness of data management services and data processing services.

It will also contribute to quality assurance and risk management, innovation management, community user engagement implementation, requirements and design of trustworthy data management services, trustworthy data management platform, adaptation mechanisms for TDMSs, principles and practices of trustworthy services design, trustworthy data processing services development library, adaptation mechanisms for TDPSs, market analysis, exploitation plans, long term co-operation and sustainability strategy.