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Federal University of Amazonas (Brazil) and Technische Universität Dresden (Germany)
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Vallum is an architecture for storing and processing sensitive data in cloud environments respecting access, authorization and privacy constraints. It is a framework for data protection in third-party environments, ensuring security and that queries do not violate access and privacy policies defined by the data owner. Vallum can be seen as a layer to protect the data and the data engine from direct access. Itis based on SCONE and represents the trustworthy way to store and process data in the cloud.

Contact persons

Who shall use it?

Startups, companies and researchers that have to store and process sensitive data,

What’s its value add?

Transparent secure data processing, with embedded privacy constraints compliance. Suitabl for SGX enabled cloud infrastructure, and replication capabilities for much larger datasets.

What are the unique selling points?

A single access point to isolate multiple data engines, while providing a centralized authentication, authorization and privacy constraints and secure processing leveraging SGX Enclaves


Vallum is available at Docker Hub:

  • ronnypeterson/vallum-hdfs
  • ronnypeterson/vallum-db
  • ronnypeterson/vallum-repo
  • ronnypeterson/vallum-audit-db
  • ronnypeterson/vallum-audit
  • ronnypeterson/vallum-privacy
  • ronnypeterson/vallum

Exploitation Paths

  • The PRIMAGE project is devoted to developing methods of computational analysis of medical images applied to childhood cancer. PRIMAGE proposes a cloud-based platform to support decision making in the clinical management of malignant solid tumors, offering predictive tools to assist diagnosis, prognosis, therapies choice and treatment follow-up, based on the use of novel imaging biomarkers, in-silico tumor growth simulation, advanced visualization of predictions with weighted confidence scores and machine-learning based translation of this knowledge into predictors for the most relevant, disease-specific, Clinical End Points. At the end of ATMOSPHERE project, PRIMAGE is evaluating the suitability Vallum.


  • D5.3 Final Distributed Trustworthy Data Management Platform